How do I use my Dashboard to view listing statistics?

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What’s new? Dashboard 2.0 includes handpicked data points to quickly evaluate listing performance and a guided rates editor to follow best practices when making adjustments.

How can I review listings on my Dashboard?

The new information on your Dashboard is here to help better understand listing performance and make Base Price decisions. In general, we recommend monitoring for Base Price adjustments once every two weeks. This gives the market enough time to react to previous Base Price changes before making additional adjustments.

Prefer to review multiple listings at once? To learn how: What are Bulk Actions and how do I use them?

Here's a step-by-step process on how to use the information on your Dashboard:

  1. Click "Load stats" to surface recent data on the number bookings received in the past 14 days, percent of days hitting your Minimum Price in the next 90 days, percent of days blocked in the next 90 days, and more listing stats in your Dashboard. You will receive a notification when statistics are successfully loaded.

How long does it take to load all of the data? This depends on how many listings you have -- it takes ~1 second to load updated statistics for each listing. For example, if you have 10 listings, loading your statistics might take 10 seconds.

While I wait for my data to load, can I navigate to a different page? Yes! Feel free to click into listings or page while you wait for statistics to load.

I just received a booking on Airbnb, but this is not reflected in the "Bookings" metric, or in the Calendar. Why is this? Was this change made in the last 24 hours? If so, refresh your account to see this information in Beyond Pricing within 30 minutes. See more information about this process here.

How often should I refresh my Dashboard? We recommend refreshing your Dashboard at least once every two weeks when you are monitoring your Base Prices for adjustments. See How to spend 5 mins/listing per week in Beyond Pricing for a walk through of best practices.

  1. View and sort your Dashboard by new metrics that complement your Health Score:
    1. # of bookings received in the past 14 days: The Booking Pace is a good indicator of how the market is reacting to your Base Price and can help you decide whether or not you need to make adjustments. For example, if you have received more than four bookings in the past two weeks and you are overbooked in the next 30 and 90 days, we recommend increasing your Base Price by 5%. See How to spend 5 mins/listing per week in Beyond Pricing for a walk through of best practices.
    2. % of days hitting your Minimum Price in the next 90 days: This metric helps contextualize suggested rates in the next three months. If this number is high, it’s possible your listing is (or will be) overpriced and under-booked. This could be an indication it is time to reevaluate and potentially lower your Minimum Price. Check out What is my Minimum Price, and how do I know if it's correct? to learn more about your Minimum Price.
    3. % of days blocked in the next 90 days: This metric helps contextualize your Health Score (which is calculated using future occupancy) and understand your revenue potential given upcoming owner or maintenance blocks on your Calendar. See here to learn more about how blocked days are incorporated into your Health Score.
  2. Expand and scroll to view previous Base Price changes.

Recent Base Price changes can help contextualize your listing’s performance stats, like a recent increase or decrease in Booking Pace.

For example, if you increased your Base Price by 10% 14 days ago, and have not received any bookings since then, you might want to consider decreasing the Base Price. See How to spend 5 mins/listing per week in Beyond Pricing for a walk through of best practices.

  1. Explore Listing Stats for a deep dive on a listing's performance.

View historical information about each listing’s life with Beyond Pricing, including the total number of bookings received since going live and the average Booking Pace.

  1. In the Rates tab, adjust rates by +/- 5%.
    It’s a Beyond Pricing best practice to adjust your Base Price in increments or decrements of 5-10%. Increase and decrease toggles calculate the correct change in price for you. Click "Save prices" to save and sync new rates. See How do I sync prices, and when does Beyond Pricing sync my rates? for more information on price syncing.

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