I'm a co-host on a property -- can I still use Beyond Pricing?

Updated 2 years ago by Beyond Pricing

The short answer, yes you can!

Having said that, an Airbnb listing can only be associated with one Beyond Pricing account.

Are you the only host with a Beyond Pricing account? The property will display in your Beyond Pricing account and you can set and sync prices.

Does the primary host also have a Beyond Pricing account? By default, the property will display in their account and you won't be able to set prices.

But don't fear, we can still help!

If you are a co-host, and the primary host also has a Beyond Pricing account but no longer needs it because you will be managing pricing, you can delete the connection to Airbnb from the Beyond Pricing account of the primary host on the Accounts Tab. Then refresh the connection to Airbnb on the Accounts Tab in your Beyond Pricing account and the listing will appear in your account.

If the primary host needs their Beyond Pricing account to manage pricing for other properties then we can add you as a user on the Beyond Pricing account of the primary host. Please reach out to us at support@beyondpricing.com with details on the listing you would like to manage. Don't forget to cc the primary host!

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