How do I create and edit property groupings in the admin?

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Group similar properties together, allow visitors to search for properties within this grouping, and promote these unique groups using the Custom Groups feature.

Log into the Booking Engine Admin - ex -

  • To create a new group, click "New Custom Group" button at top left of screen, or select an existing group to edit it.

Info tab

  • Custom Group Name - If you are creating a new custom group, add the name of the group.
  • Slug - add the slug name to match the name of the group - all lower case, (-) between words
  • Sort Order - if you are creating multiple groupings, you have the option to sort how they display on the custom group page. The numbering starts with 0.
  • Visible in Navigation - *disregard, this option is no longer available.
  • Display in Custom Group List - check if you want this group to appear on the custom group page, otherwise leave it unchecked and it will not display on the website.
  • Hit "Save"

SEO tab

  • The SEO defaults are listed below. Choose to use these or custom SEO.
  • For more information on how to manage SEO defaults, click here.
  • Page Title: Displays on the title of the browser page.
  • Page H1: This is the title that displays on the Property Page
  • Page Keywords: Enter keywords specific to this page.
  • Page Description: Displays this description of the search engine pages
  • Hit "Save"

Images Tab

  • Add specific images to the group slideshow on this tab. If you do not upload an image, it will display the first image of every property assigned to the group.
  • Select the "Upload" tab seen below.
  • Drag and drop images into the provided box and hit “Save”.
    • If the image uploaded correctly, you will see the appear in the "Images" tab to the left.
    • If it did not load, then check the image size. If it exceeds 2mb, you will need to make it smaller and try again.

Properties Tab

  • Available Properties - Add properties to this group easily by selecting the properties from the "Available Properties" list. *If you do not see it there, then that means it is not coming through from the API.
  • Selected Properties - simply click the name of the property to remove from the grouping.

"Save" button

  • Before exiting out of the custom group set up, always hit "Save" to ensure that your changes have been submitted.

"Delete" button

  • if you no longer want this custom group select "Delete".

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