What can I do in the Customize Tab? (VIDEO)

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The Customize Tab for your listing allows you adjust certain settings for your listing, including Minimum and Maximum Prices, Extra Guest Fees, Minimum Stays, Last Minute Discounts, or Check-in/Check-out and Changeover days.

The options you see on this tab will vary from user to user depending on whether they have a direct connection to Airbnb and/or VRBO, or are connected via a PMS. Read on to find which settings are compatible with your connections.

Minimum and Maximum Prices

Minimum Price

Your Minimum Price is the lowest rate you'd be willing to accept for a night. This is completely up to you but we recommend setting it as low as you feel comfortable. Just remember that a high Minimum Price will likely result in fewer bookings in periods of low demand and limit last minute bookings.

You can also adjust your Minimum Price by season.

Maximum Price

In general, Beyond Pricing does not recommend setting Maximum Prices because you can often get booked at much higher rates than you would expect in periods of high demand. However, if enabled, we will not suggest rates above that price unless you manually override a day with your own prices.

Extra Guest Fees

For some connections, including a direct connection with VRBO you set Extra Guest Fees directly in Beyond Pricing.

For more information check out our article Can I set Extra Guest Fees in Beyond Pricing?
Please note that you will only set Extra Guest Fees in Beyond Pricing for your VRBO listing. For your Airbnb listing you will continue to manage Extra Guest Fees directly in Airbnb. Here's some more information from Airbnb on how that works. For more information on the Customization options for your PMS please click here.

Minimum Stays

Minimum Stays allow you to set restrictions around the lowest number of nights you are willing to accept for a reservation. You can set both Annual Minimum Stays that apply year round, as well as Seasonal Minimum Stays for time periods where you would like to set different requirements.

Please note that if you have a direct connection to VRBO you must manage your Minimum Stay Requirements through Beyond Pricing. If you have a direct connection to Airbnb, you can choose whether to manage your Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing or Airbnb. To see if Minimum Night Stays are available for your integration, check out our information for your PMS.

Last Minute Discounts

Beyond Pricing allows you to set percentage last minute discounts in order to increase the likelihood that you receive a booking in the immediate short term. Last minute discounts will pull the nightly price down, but never below your Minimum Price. 

By default, Beyond Pricing inputs a discount of 25% for reservations booked within the last three days to stay and 10% for the last seven days to stay. Additionally, we increase rates by 10% and 30% after 270 and 390 days, respectively.

To learn more about the best way to use Last Minute Discounts check out our article What are Last Minute Discounts and how should I use them?

Check-in and Checkout Days

You can set both Annual and Seasonal check-in and checkout day requirements for listings connected through Airbnb and some PMSs.

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