How do I access the Booking Engine Admin?

Updated 3 months ago by Taylor McManus

The Signal Booking Engine has its own Admin and is separate from the WordPress Admin to create a user, update a password, or delete a user, following these instructions.

Log into the Booking Engine Admin - ex -

  • Navigate to the Property Admin section
  • A company employee who has Admin access must create a new user name and password for you.
  • If you are the one who manages the booking engine, and forgot your user name and password, please email: and request a "New Booking Engine User Name and Password" and include your website address.
  • Navigate to the User section on the left (see screenshot below).

If you would like to add a new user

  • Select "Add User" and fill in the "User Name" and "Password".
  • The automatic role is Admin - Administrative Employee.
  • There are other options available. If you need assistance with this, please email: to discuss login access to the Booking Engine Admin.

If you would like to update a user name and password

  • Click on the "Login Name" that you would like to update.
  • User Name and Password - to update the details, add the new user name/password here
  • Click "Save".

If you would like to delete an existing user

  • Click on the "Login Name" that you would like to delete.
  • Delete - click the "Delete" button to remove access.
  • Click "Save".

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