How do I add a custom description to a property, overriding what is being displayed from the PMS?

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Log into the Booking Engine Admin - ex -

  • Navigate to the Property Admin section on the left

Property Lookup

  • Type in the name of the property, and look at the following settings in the Booking Engine Admin (see screenshot below).:

Description Tab

Add custom descriptions to the Property description by doing the following steps.

  • Property descriptions get pulled from the PMS. Here you can choose to Overwrite, Prepend, or Append from the “Override Description Options” drop-down menu.
  • The default is "Ignore", which means that it will ignore the custom description entered and display the description from the PMS..
    • Overwrite option - overrides the API description. When selecting this option, it is necessary to add the description in the box below. If left blank, the property description will also be blank.
    • Append or Prepend options - to add to the API description choose - Append (add after API description) or Prepend (add before API description) from the “Override Description Options” drop-down.
    • Click the "Save" button after updating the description.

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