How to complete Booking Reviews

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Below are the steps to follow to complete a Booking Review when your Account Manager has sent you suggestions in your Beyond Pricing dashboard.

You will receive an email notifying you that Base Price suggestions are waiting for your approval in your Beyond Pricing dashboard. Click the link in the email to view the suggestions.

How do I review the suggestions?

On your dashboard, you will see the suggestions waiting for your approval. They will have a message saying "Needs Review" on the right-hand side:

Click the "Review" button to see and approve them:

How do I reject suggestions?

When rejecting a suggestion you will need to input a comment as to why you are not accepting the Base Price suggestions.

Example reasons for rejecting a suggestion:

  • No longer representing this property
  • Owner would like to keep pricing high

Accepting suggestions in Table View Mode

By switching to Table View in the dashboard you can see multiple suggestions at once and approve or reject them.

What to do after addressing all suggestions

Please click "Complete & Finish" once you have reviewed all suggestions.

You will now see the results of past booking reviews in the "Previous changes" section for each listing.

Once you have finished reviewing the Booking Review you will receive a confirmation email.

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