Beyond Pricing 3-step Quickstart Guide (VIDEOS)

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Welcome to Beyond Pricing! We're excited to have you. Here, you can learn about which settings you need to adjust in Airbnb, or VRBO, and how set up your listings for success.

Check out this video (or read on!) for settings that need to be adjust in Airbnb, and VRBO when you get started with Beyond Pricing:

Transitioning to Beyond Pricing

Follow these three easy tips to make sure your pricing remains consistent with rates we suggest.

Settings to adjust in your OTA

  1. Turn off all other pricing strategies, such as Airbnb Market Maker and Smart Pricing, length of Stays discounts, etc.
    1. Explanation: When multiple pricing strategies are enabled, they will continue to override each other, and your rates will not always be consistent with rates Beyond Pricing suggests.
    2. How to: Here’s how to turn off Smart Pricing in Airbnb and Market Maker in VRBO.
Special discounts enabled in Airbnb, or VRBO will be applied on top of our pricing once in Airbnb, or VRBO. This could cause your rates to dip below your Minimum Price. If you would still like to include discounts set outside of Beyond Pricing for marketing purposes, check out this guide for tips.
  1. Set an artificially high base price in Airbnb, or VRBO.
    1. Explanation: This helps when you unblock dates or have a guest cancel, for example. When this happens, there may be a brief period of time where our latest prices have not pushed into your account. In order to prevent opportunistic guests from booking your listing at a low rate, set an artificially high Base Price in Airbnb and VRBO.
    2. How to: Here’s how to change your base price in Airbnb, and VRBO.
  2. Adjust your calendar on Airbnb or VRBO to be available for the next 12 months out.
    1. Explanation: In order to accurately predict best prices based on forward-looking occupancy and to avoid low bookings made far in the future, we recommend accepting reservations limited to 1 year in advance.
    2. How to: Here’s how to keep your calendar blocked out 12 months in advance on Airbnb and VRBO.

Setting up Beyond Pricing

Let's set your listings up for success, in three easy steps!

Rather watch a video? Check this one out!

Set your Base Price

  • Set your Base Price in the Chart View for each listing.
    • Initial Base Price: The default Base Price is set by taking a look at your pricing for the next 60 days. This is just a reference point to get you started. You should always assess and adjust the Base Price before syncing your listing.
    • Setting your first Base Price: The Base Price is the starting point for our price fluctuations. We'll go above it during periods of high demand and below it during low demand periods. Think of it as the median price, or true value, for your listing for the year. You can start to find this number by setting it to the average of the rate you would expect to get during high season and the rate you would expect to get during low season.
Example: For my listing in Palm Springs, I know I generally receive around ~$100 / night in low season, and ~$300 / night in high season. To start, I’ll set my Base Price to $200.

  • Understand when and how to change your Base Price: Your Base Price is not set it and forget it. Your Health Score is there to indicate whether or not you need to change your Base Price. We recommend monitoring your Health Score and Occupancy / Booking Pace at least every two weeks. Click here to learn how to be efficient and effective in Beyond Pricing in just 30 minutes/week.

Set your Minimum Price

Your Minimum Price is the lowest rate you'd be willing to accept for a night. This is completely up to you. We recommend setting it as low as you feel comfortable. This doesn’t mean our suggested pricing will ever reach that point; rather, it allows for appropriate fluctuation in the daily rate given the demand in your market.

Example: Playing around with a few different Minimum Prices, I don’t want to go as high as $150 because I have a less likely chance of getting booked when my prices flat-line in low season in the winter. I’m comfortable accepting a $145 / night booking, so we’ll go with that.
Note: A high Minimum Price will likely result in fewer bookings in periods of low demand and limit last minute bookings.
Read more about how to set your Minimum Price here.

Start syncing

Click the "Sync Prices" button for your listings to start syncing prices!

Next up -- click here to learn how to make the most of Beyond Pricing in just 5 minutes/listing per week!

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