How do I add location pins to the Google Map in the admin?

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The Point of Interest feature is a great compliment to the Google Map display. If you have a public beach, golf course or restaurant you would like to highlight on the map, use this default feature to create a new POI.

Log into the Booking Engine Admin - ex -

  • Select the "New POI" button (see screenshot below):
  • Follow the steps below.

Details tab

  • Point of Interest: Add the name of the item.
  • Slug: Add the slug name, using (-) between words to be displayed as a pin on the map.
  • Type: from the "Type" drop down, select the type of pin that it is. This determines the default pin used. The current types are as follows (see screenshot):
    • Bar/Lounge
    • Beach Access
    • Grocery
    • Office (your office location)
    • Restaurant
    • Shopping/Entertainment

Contact tab

  • Address: Fill in the address of the location
  • Site URL: If there is a website address you would like to add, insert the website address.
  • Menu URL: This pertains to a restaurant. If there is a website address for the restaurant, enter it here.
  • Phone #: Fill in phone number for the location if applicable.
  • Email: Fill in email address for the location if applicable.

Page tab

  • "Show this POI as a page" check box: Check the box if you want to have the POI to have a separate website page.
  • Excerpt: If you checked the box above, include an excerpt for this page.
  • Page Text: If you checked the box above, include details for this page description

SEO tab

  • Complete these details ONLY if you want to open it up as a separate page (see check box above), otherwise you can ignore this page
  • Click here to read more about how to fill in this page

Map tab

  • The POI icon will be displayed on the Google map based on the address from the "Contact" tab.
  • If this is not correct, you can drag and drop the POI icon to where it should be.
  • The Latitude and Longitude will be updated based on where you drag and drop the icon.
  • Click "Save".

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