How do I manage property reviews in the admin?

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The Booking Engine website can display reviews from the following locations:

  • The PMS, as long as the PMS sends them through the API.
  • Reviews from the Glad to Have You (GTHY) app.
  • Reviews from Flipkey.
  • Custom reviews collected from the Property Page.

To start displaying reviews on the Booking Engine pages, you will want to set this up with the Signal team. If you want to start displaying reviews, please email, and in the subject line list your website addresses and "I would like to start displaying property reviews".

Problems displaying reviews

If you are having problems displaying reviews from one of these locations:

  • The PMS, as long as the PMS sends them through the API.
  • Reviews from the Glad to Have You (GTHY) app.
  • Reviews from Flipkey.

Please contact the Signal team by emailing

  • In the subject line list the URL for the property that has an issue with the review.
  • In the description section list the name of the review that is not displaying, or is displaying and you need it removed.

Display custom reviews from the Property Page

Collect and display property reviews on the website. The reviews displayed from the property page requires the client to enable it to display.

  • To moderate these custom reviews, please follow the instructions below, and see "Review Email Notification" at the end of this page.

How to use the Review Moderator

The moderator built into the Booking Engine Admin allows you to determine which reviews get displayed to review the custom reviews do the following:

Log into the Booking Engine Admin - ex -

  • Navigate to the Property Admin section on the left

Property Lookup

  • Go to Property Lookup under the Property Admin and type the name of the property to review.


Reviews tab (see screenshot below)

  • "Displayed" Tab - *Valid for custom reviews. Once the "New Review" box is checked, the review will display on the Property Page and the Search Results. You can review all custom reviews displaying by selecting this tab.
  • "Disabled" tab - All reviews that have been disabled will display here. If you want to enable them to display on the website, uncheck the "Disabled" check box.
  • "FlipKey" tab - All reviews from Flipkey will be stored here.
  • "Glad to Have You" tab - All reviews from GTHY will be stored here.

Edit reviews and add manager responses (see screenshot below):

  • To display a review on the Property Page or Search Results, click on the "New" tab, and uncheck the "New Review" check box.
  • If you do not want to display the review, check on the "Disabled" check box. 
  • Manager responses can be entered for all reviews in the "Manager Response" box.
  • Hit "Save"

Review Email Notification

When a new review is posted to the property page, an email notification is triggered. Once the guest submits a review on the website, the email notification is sent to the email on file, notifying the property manager of a new review waiting to be enabled on the website.

*This only occurs on new custom reviews on the Property page. The other review types will displayed once sent through the API.

The following is how to set up the Review Notifications section:

  • Go to "Review Notifications" feature (see screenshot below).
  • "Send email before review is added?" - needs to be checked to "Yes"
  • "Email Address" - The client needs to provide an email address(es) for where the email of the review notification gets sent, multiple addresses can be added between emails by using (;)
  • "Email Subject" - Review Notification is there by default.
  • Send a test review on a property page to confirm that you are getting the review notifications.

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