How can I set Annual or Seasonal Changeover and Checkin/Checkout Days?

Updated 1 month ago by Beyond Pricing

Depending on your PMS you can set Annual or Seasonal Changeover Days as well as Check-in/Checkout Days directly in Beyond Pricing.

Please note that Checkin/Checkout and Seasonal Changeover Days are available for a limited amount of PMS. Check our page for your integration to see which customizations are available for you.

In your Customize Tab for each listing, simply select your preferred settings and hit save:

Pros and cons of setting changeover days

Beyond Pricing does not necessarily recommend restricting days that guests can check in or check out. Our pricing model aims to maximize revenue for each day so you'll know you're making the most from each reservation, no matter the length of stay or when guests check-in and out.

However, we understand in traditional vacation rental markets this is the norm, so we like giving you the option!

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