How do I add an individual property special in the admin?

Updated 3 months ago by Taylor McManus

If you want to promote individual property specials, Signal booking engine comes standard with a feature that allows you to do this by using the Specials Multiple Properties feature. Below are the steps to setting up a special:

Log into the Booking Engine Admin - ex -

Create a new special

  • Select the "New Special" button
  • Special tab
    • Special Description: Enter in the property special details, include a promo code if one exists
    • Expiration Date: Special expiration date needs to be entered. Once the expiration date passes, the special will automatically drop off the website.

  • Properties tab - use this tab to assign properties to the special.
    • Select a property from the "Available Properties" column, and the selected property will move to the "Selected Properties" column.
    • To remove, click on the property name in the "Selected Properties" column and it will return to the "Available Properties" column.
  • Click the "Save" button
  • Delete button: The only reason to delete is if it is a mistake

Special Display

  • Once entered displays in the following locations:
  • Search Results - Specials Banner will display on the search result pages for all specials that have been added (see screenshot below).

  • Property Page - "Specials" tab will display the description of the special on all properties that have a special (see screenshot below).
  • Special Page - there is a dedicated page that will display all specials that have been entered (see screenshot below).

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