What is a Reservation Gap Discount and How Should I use it?

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What is a Reservation Gap Discount and How Should I use it?

A Reservation Gap Discount is a discount for one or two-night gaps between bookings. We have noticed that traditionally these gaps are harder to fill so our system automatically discounts them for you.

By default, we reduce our suggested price for one-night gaps by 25% and two-night gaps by 10% (excluding over the weekend) but never below your Minimum Price set in Beyond Pricing. You can see this by hovering over the date in your Beyond Pricing Calendar like in the example below:


Customizing Reservation Gap Discounts

If you'd like to adjust the percentages of these Reservation Gap Discounts or remove them, please email our Support Team at support@beyondpricing.com and ask them to enable this feature for you.

Once our team has enabled Reservation Gap Discounts, you can adjust the percentages in the Customize Tab for each listing. You can adjust the percentage discount, and also set it so the discount is only applied to gaps on certain days of the week:

At this time, you are unable to make changes to Reservation Gap Discounts in Bulk for all of your listings.

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