Hostaway and Beyond Pricing

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Connecting your account

Here’s how to get started:

  1. You will need to create an API token in Hostaway and note your Account ID for the integration with Beyond Pricing.
Be aware that once you create the token here, it will disappear when you leave the page. Make sure you save the API token information somewhere so you can access it later! 
  1. Log into Beyond Pricing and click on the "Link Another Account" button and you will see the option to link Hostaway. Enter your account ID along with the API key you generated in Hostaway, click Link Account and we will start importing your listings.
  1. If you are currently importing rates from other channels into Hostaway, make sure this is also disabled in the Channel Manager -> Rate Imports page seen here:

Already connected directly to Airbnb, VRBO or  Deactivate any Beyond Pricing listings connected to those channels if Hostaway is pushing prices to them. Please see our guide for transitioning from a direct connection to Hostaway.

Customization in Beyond Pricing

With Hostaway, you will have access to adjust Minimum and Maximum Prices, Minimum Stays and Gap Fillers and Last Minute Discounts, directly in Beyond Pricing.

See article What can I do in the Customization Tab? for a broad overview.

Adding a new listing

New listings and other changes made in Hostaway will show up automatically when we refresh your account each night at midnight. To have a new listing or any other changes in Hostaway show up immediately, simply refresh your account in your Connected Accounts tab like this:

Click here to learn more about when we refresh your account and why.


Hostaway and Airbnb Length of Stay (LOS)

Hostaway has now a functionality where LOS can be pushed to airbnb if the setting has been activated. That said, Beyond Pricing can push LOS to Hostaway and it will override Airbnb values with the ones that we push. Here’s the setting that has to be on.

Please reach out to if you are experiencing any other issues. Our Support Team is always happy to answer your questions and help ensure your account is running smoothly.

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