What do I do if I get a Server Error?

Updated 2 years ago by Beyond Pricing

If you're getting a server error when opening your Beyond Pricing dashboard, there's a few steps that you can take that will usually fix it.

Log In/Out & Restart Your Browser

  1. Log out of your Beyond Pricing account.
  2. Quit your browser completely.
  3. Wait a few seconds and open your browser back up.
  4. Log back in to your Beyond Pricing account.

Clear Browser Cookies

If the steps above didn't fix it, we recommend clearing your browser cookies. Once you've done that, complete those same 1 - 4 steps above to log out and restart your browser. 

Here are the instructions for most major browsers on clearing browser cookies:

Still seeing a Server Error?

Please reach out to us at support@beyondpricing.com and we will happily look into it for you. Please include a screenshot and information on the browser you are using if you can!

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