What are Last Minute Discounts and how should I use them?

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Beyond Pricing allows you to set percentage last minute discounts in order to increase the likelihood that you receive a booking in the immediate short term. Last minute discounts will pull the nightly price down, but never below your Minimum Price. 

By default, Beyond Pricing inputs a discount of 25% for reservations booked within the last three days to stay and 10% for the last seven days to stay.

Additionally, we increase rates by 10% and 30% after 270 and 390 days, respectively. You have a lot of time to capture these bookings, so guests booking that far ahead of time should pay the premium!

Customizing your Last Minute Discount strategy

Curious about what your overarching discount strategy might look like in Beyond Pricing? Click here to find out.

Guidelines for changes or new listings

Every market and listing is unique, so there are no "correct" last minute discount strategies. However, there are some general guidelines:

  • If your listing is brand new and doesn't have any reviews yet, we recommend using more aggressive Last Minute Discounts (see below). This will allow you to get some bookings in the short term and gain those all important 5-star reviews.
  • Studio and one bedroom units tend to book last minute more often, while larger rentals book further in advance. We recommend setting more aggressive discounts close to the date of stay for larger homes.
  • Fly-to markets require planning to get to. For last minute discounts to be effective, you may want to push these last minute discounts into the last 21 and 28 days instead of three and seven days, for example.

In general, we recommend staggering discounts, with the largest discount closest to the date of stay, and smaller discounts farther out. If you'd like to be very aggressive with your Last Minute Discounts (perhaps your listing is new), we recommend following this schema:

  • 3 days - 40%  
  • 7 days - 35%
  • 14 days - 25%
  • 21 days - 20%
  • 30 days - 10%

Implementing changes

To adjust your last minute discounts, go to the customize tab and open Last Minute Discounts. Input your preferred percentage discounts and hit the green save button at the top of the screen.

Let's take a look at our example listing in Las Vegas. It's a brand new listing, and we want to encourage guests to book our place so we can gain a few 5-star reviews up front. That way, we won't have to push our Base Price lower than what it should be now or in the future to get more bookings. Let's implement aggressive Last Minute Discounts:
Note that you will need to have at least one Last Minute Discount saved. If you do not want any discounts set up, you can set this to a 0% decrease for the next 0 days.

On your Beyond Pricing Calendar, you can hover over dates to see how Last Minute Discounts affect pricing. These discounts will show up as "Vacancy is less than 3 days away," or "Vacancy is less than 7 days away," and so on.

We can now see that change reflected on our Beyond Pricing Calendar. Let's take a look:

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