Can I set Extra Guest Fees in Beyond Pricing?

Updated 2 months ago by Beyond Pricing

For listings connected to Beyond Pricing through Escapia, Guesty or Track, you set the Extra Guest Fees directly in Beyond Pricing.

Note that if you connect your listings to Beyond Pricing through Rentals United, Airbnb, and other platforms, you will need to set Extra Guest Fees in that platform. Check our resources for your integration to discover which customization are available to you.

In your Customize Tab, simply enter the amount you would like to charge per person and after how many guests you would like to charge an extra fee:

Would Extra Guest Fees affect my Base Price?

You certainly do not need to charge extra fees for extra guests -- and many hosts do not. Some hosts with larger listings -- around five bedrooms or more -- like to set Extra Guest Fees to attract both couples and larger groups.

If you do enable Extra Guest Fees, we recommend considering how they might interact with your Base Price. Most likely, you may want to lower your Base Price relative to the initial Base Price you set to accommodate for a stay with more guests.

Click here to check out how to set the best Base Price for your listing.

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