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Connecting your account

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Log into Beyond Pricing and click on the "Link Another Account" button and you will see the option to link Airbnb. Enter your Airbnb credentials, click Link Account and we will start importing your listings.

You will now be guided through setting up your listings for the first time -- setting your Base Price, Minimum Price, and any Customization you would like to include.

We recommend reviewing these resources to ensure you're setting yourself up for success:

Having trouble connecting your account? Visit this page to learn more.

Customization in Beyond Pricing

Settings to adjust in Airbnb

There are a few settings you need to adjust in Airbnb to get started:

  1. Make sure your calendar is only open for the next 12 months
  2. Set an artificially high Base Price on Airbnb
  3. Remove any length of Stays discounts you have in Airbnb, like Weekly and Weekend Pricing.
Click here to learn more about how to adjust these settings in Airbnb and why.

With Airbnb, you will have access to adjust Minimum and Maximum Prices, Last Minute Discounts, and Minimum Stays directly in Beyond Pricing.

See the article What can I do in the Customization Tab? for a broad overview.

Setting Minimum Stays

If you do not want to have Annual or Seasonal Minimum Stays, no need to adjust this setting in Beyond Pricing.

If you would like to have Annual or Seasonal Minimum Stay settings active for your Airbnb listing, you can enable them on your Customize Tab.

After you've enabled Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing you will be able to set the following to each of your listings:

  • Annual Minimum Stays: Applies to all reservations on your Calendar
  • Seasonal Minimum Stays: Applies to reservations for a certain date range. This will overwrite what is specified as the Annual Minimum Stay.
For example, I want to set an Annual Minimum Stay of two nights year-round. However, during Thanksgiving I'd like to increase that to a three night Minimum Stay. Let's set that up in the our Customize Tab for this year:

  • Last Minute Minimum Stays: Applies to reservations that are made within a short period. For example, this can be set to only apply to reservations made 2 days in advance.
Please note: The Last Minute Minimum Stays will override Annual and Seasonal Minimum Stays for the period in which is set.

We encourage you to set your Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing, as by doing so you also have the option of enabling Gap Fills. Enabling Gap Fills ensures that your listing is always bookable so you can capitalize on every opportunity to make more money. When the gap between two bookings or blocks is shorter than your Minimum Stay setting, Gap Fills automatically reduces your Minimum Stay to the length of the gap so that those dates remain bookable.

For more information on how Gap Fills works click here.
Once you have enabled Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing, any and all adjustments you make to Minimum Stays should be done in Beyond Pricing.
If you have multiple Airbnb accounts connected, you will need to enable Minimum Stays for one listing in each of your accounts to activate Minimum Stays for all of your listings in Beyond Pricing.

Adding a listing

New listings and other changes made in Airbnb will show up automatically when we refresh your account each night at midnight. To have a new listing or any other changes in Airbnb show up immediately, simply refresh your account in your Connected Accounts tab like this:

Note that if your listing is not yet activated, you will need to toggle filters on your Beyond Pricing Dashboard to view your new listing. Learn more here.
Click here to learn more about when we refresh your account and why.


Why aren't my prices matching between Beyond Pricing and Airbnb?

There are a few factors that could result in your prices between Beyond Pricing and Airbnb not matching:

Length of Stay Discounts

This refers to discounts set for people who stay a week or a month, for example. With Beyond Pricing we will automatically set the correct price for each day, so you shouldn’t need to use these discounts. Having said that, we know some users sometimes like to use them for marketing purposes. You can choose to leave those discounts on, but they will be applied ON TOP of our suggested pricing. This is what it will look like on your Airbnb Account:

Variable Cancellation Policies

This discount gives guests a 10% discount for booking a non-refundable stay. If you have this enabled you are essentially giving your guest a 10% discount when they choose the non-refundable option. This is what they will look like in the Airbnb Account:

Weekend Pricing

Within Airbnb, you can set a specific price for a weekend. Having this setting turned ON will prevent Beyond Pricing from pushing rates to the whichever weekend period it's selected. To remove this simply go to your listing > Pricing > Extra Charges > Weekend Pricing and remove any amount set there:

Seasonal Minimum Stays and/or Maximum Stays set in Airbnb

If you have added Seasonal Minimum Stays in Airbnb before switching to Beyond Pricing, make sure to either check if these Seasonal Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing match the ones in your Airbnb account or to remove them from Airbnb. Having mismatching information between Beyond Pricing and Airbnb might prevent our system from pushing prices to your Airbnb account.

Because we specialize in daily Dynamic Pricing, we don't support long term stays. If you have Maximum Stays of 30 days or longer in Airbnb this might also prevent our system from pushing prices to your Airbnb account.

Here's how to find the Minimum, Maximum and Seasonal Minimum Stays (in Airbnb, Seasonal Minimum Stays are called "Requirements". You will find them at the bottom of the regular Minimum and Maximum Stays settings):

Why aren't my Minimum Stays settings matching between Beyond Pricing and Airbnb?

Rule Sets in Airbnb

If you have specific Rule Sets in Airbnb, those might be preventing the flow of Minimum Stays to your listings.You will need to remove these if you have them enabled. Here is what they look like and how to remove them:

Please reach out to if you are experiencing any other issues. Our Support Team is always happy to answer your questions and help ensure your account is running smoothly.

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