How to spend 5 mins/listing per week in Beyond Pricing

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We understand you are busy -- managing properties is hard work! We provide the tools to make pricing easier and more effective for you. At the core, making the most of Beyond Pricing also means spending some time in your Dashboard to evaluate how your listings are doing, and making adjustments to your Base Prices as necessary.

If you only have ~30 minutes for Beyond Pricing each week, we recommend you spend it evaluating and adjusting Base Prices as outlined below.

We'll follow along with our example listing located in Las Vegas, Luxurious Apartment on the Strip.

Evaluate and Adjust your Listings

Looking at your Health Score and Occupancy metrics will help you determine whether to increase your Base Price, decrease your Base Price, or keep it the same.

Review Health Scores

Your Health Score gives you an indicator as to how this listing is pacing relative to the ideal booking pace in the market, looking at both 30 days out and 90 days out.

Health Scores range from 0-100. Any Health Score above ~75 is probably looking pretty good, and we recommend monitoring your Booking Pace relative to the ideal Booking Pace in the market to make decisions.

Our listing's Health Score is 73 -- looking okay overall, but maybe I could make some adjustments to improve performance!
Click here to learn more about how to read your Health Score.

Review Occupancies / Booking Paces

To understand the factors that go into your Health Score, let's examine your Occupancy and Booking Pace relative to the ideal booking pace in your market.

You can monitor this by hovering over the "?" next to Occupancy for each listing on your Beyond Pricing Dashboard.

Our listing is 93% booked in the next 30 days, and 76% booked in the next 90 days. That sounds nice, but it looks like we're booking up too quickly -- the performance is "Too High". In Orlando, a typical urban market, the ideal booking window is to be ~66% booked in the next 30 days and ~36% booked in the next 90 days.

Note that we currently count blocked dates as "booked" to calculate your Health Score and Occupancy metrics. Additionally, be aware of longer-term reservations that might be skewing your Occupancy percentages. Click here to learn more.

Next Steps for your Base Price

In general, we recommend making decisions on changing your Base Price depending on how you are pacing relative to the ideal booking pace in your market:

Getting mixed signals? Click here to learn more about what that might mean for your listings, and how to action on it.
Our listing's Booking Pace is "Too High". Let's click into "Adjust Prices" and increase our Base Price by 5%.
We recommend waiting at least one week after changing your Base Price or first joining Beyond Pricing before making additional adjustments to your Base Price. This gives you enough time to get feedback on your pricing.
There are a lot of factors that go into your listing's performance. Click here to find out how you can optimize your listing on Airbnb or VRBO.

Now do this for each of your listings!

Become a (Beyond) Pricing Expert

To learn how to do more with Beyond Pricing, check out our articles on how to analyze your listing's performance in the Stats Tab and understand demand trends in your market with the Market Data Tab.

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