What are Bulk Actions and how do I use them?

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Bulk Actions enable you to update and customize settings that you manage in Beyond Pricing in bulk in your Beyond Pricing Dashboard.

You can use this feature to update Base and Minimum Prices, add and remove Minimum Stays, add and remove Manual Overrides, Sync Prices, and change any Customize setting that is available to you in your listing's Customize Tab.

To invoke Bulk Actions select listings in the Table View and pressing "Edit", like this: 

Pro tip: Use your advanced filtering options (including saved filter groups) to efficiently choose the listings for which you would like to update settings.

Have more questions about these settings? Check out FAQs below

How to use Bulk Actions to edit your listing's settings:

With Bulk Actions, you will be able to:

*Feature availability depends on Property Manager System or Channel Manager.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. After selecting the listings you would like to edit, input settings you would like to add or adjust in the Bulk Actions side panel.
  2. Next, input settings you would like to add or adjust in the Bulk Actions side panel.
Here's an example with Annual Minimum Stay and Gap Fill settings: Imagine you want to set the Annual Minimum Stay to 3 nights and enable Gap Fills for three listings. Because in general you avoid 1 or 2 nights stays but you are willing to accept shorter bookings if the dates go unbooked otherwise. In addition, you want to decrease rates by 10% for the first week of April to get a few bookings in for next week as you have none yet. The steps to achieve this shown below:
Pro tip: If you’d like to remind yourself of a Bulk Action in the future, simply snooze the confirmation email until that date! 
  1. Finally, press save! Once your settings have updated, you will receive a confirmation notification in Beyond Pricing. Additionally, you and all users that can edit a listing included in the update will receive a confirmation email.

Copy Settings from one Listing to Multiple other Listings (Import Details)

Using the Bulk Actions - Import Details feature, you can copy over settings from one listing to many listings in one fell swoop.

Note that when using Bulk Actions, adjusting general settings and Last Minute Discounts will replace existing settings; adjusting seasonal settings will add to existing settings.

Here's how to do it:

  1. In the Table view of your Dashboard, select the listings for which you would like to adjust settings. Click "Edit":
  2. In the Import Details section, find the listing you would like to use as a template and click "Import":

  1. Scroll down to review the settings attached to the reference listing. Uncheck any settings you do not want to copy over. Click "Save Changes":

And that's it! You will receive a confirmation email once the listings have been updated noting the changes you have implemented.


How do I use Bulk Actions? 

In your Beyond Pricing Dashboard, first, toggle to the “Table” view. Then, select the listings for which you would like to update settings using the checkboxes on the left-hand side. Click “Edit” to adjust settings in bulk. Pro tip: You can select all listings by checking the box in the table header. Select a certain group of listings using your advanced filtering options.  

What are Gap Fills, Orphan Mins., and the buffer? Do I need to use them? 

You can read all about Gap Fills here. 

What happens when I use Manual Overrides to increase or decrease rates by a certain percentage?

Using Manual Overrides locks your rates at a new price, X% above or below what Beyond Pricing predicts for that date. This means prices will no longer fluctuate due to changes in demand or according to Last Minute Discounts. When set in bulk, prices will never go below the Seasonal Minimum Price, or if none, Annual Minimum Price set for each listing; additionally prices will never go above specified Maximum prices for each listing if any exist.

What happens if I accidentally override my Base Prices incorrectly? Can I undo the changes?

You cannot undo any bulk changes you have made to your Base Prices (yet!). If you need to adjust your Base Prices to undo changes you can use the table below to account for the % increase or decrease.

For example, if you accidentally increased the price for a few of your listings by 10% and you want to correct this you will need to use the 9.09% and set the Manual override to "decrease" your prices.
Base Price Chart
Clearing some settings is possible using Bulk Actions. Click here for more information on clearing Seasonal Minimum Stays and here for information on removing Manual Overrides.
If I decrease prices using Manual Overrides in bulk, will my price ever go below my Minimum Price for each listing? 

No. All Manual Overrides made in bulk will respect the Seasonal Minimum Price, and if none, the Annual Minimum Price. However, you can bring prices below the Minimum Price by individually overriding rates in the Beyond Pricing Calendar. 

If I increase prices using Manual Overrides in bulk, will my price ever go above my Maximum Price for each listing? 

No. All Manual Overrides made in bulk will respect the Maximum Price, if any. 

Where can I view my updated settings? 

An email summary of your updates will be sent to you and all users that can edit impacted listings once your settings have been implemented. You can view new settings on each individual listing page, too. For example, a new Seasonal Minimum Stay will appear in the Customize tab, nestled with existing Seasonal Minimum Stay settings, if any. 

I submitted my update and I haven’t gotten a confirmation notification or confirmation email; it has been 10+ minutes. What should I do? 

If your Bulk Action is taking longer than it should to submit (10+ minutes), we recommend canceling and starting over with those same listings. This is like turning your device off and back on! If you are still having issues, please reach out to support@beyondpricing.com -- our team is always happy to help. 

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