Can I set Annual and Seasonal Minimum and Maximum Prices?

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Beyond Pricing automatically adjusts your rates for factors that drive demand, including Seasonality, Day of the Week, and Local Events. You can read more about how Beyond Pricing works here.

If you would like to further control your pricing overall, or by certain dates, you can enable a Minimum, Maximum Price, or Seasonal Minimum Prices in your Customize Tab for each listing.

What is the Minimum Price?

Your Minimum Price in the Customize Tab should be the same as the Minimum Price you set when you signed up for Beyond Pricing. It should be set to the lowest rate you'd be willing to accept for a night.

Click here to learn more about how to set your Minimum Price.

How can I set a Seasonal Minimum Price for a specific period of time?

With Beyond Pricing you have the ability to set a Seasonal Minimum Price. This can be used for a variety of reasons:

  1. Keep prices high. Setting a Seasonal Minimum above your Minimum Price ensures your prices don't go below a certain rate during a specific period of time.
  2. Allow prices to fluctuate lower. Setting a Seasonal Minimum below your Minimum Price allows prices to go below your Minimum Price during times of low demand, like Low season.
Note that the Seasonal Minimum Price will always override what you've entered into the overall Minimum Price on the calendar view.  The only way to go below a Seasonal Minimum is if you manually override a particular day.
Let's take a look at our example listing in Orlando. Our owner likes to keep the Minimum Price higher than what Beyond Pricing would like to suggest. We decided to compromise and set a lower Seasonal Minimum during low season to capture more bookings:

What is the Maximum Price?

In general, Beyond Pricing does not recommend setting Maximum Prices because you can often get booked at much higher rates than you would expect in periods of high demand. However, ultimately you are the expert on your listings.

If you decide this is right for you, you can set a Maximum Price on the Customize Tab for your listing. If enabled, we will not suggest rates above that price unless you manually override a day with your own prices.

If you would like the option to set a Seasonal Maximum Price please reach out to us at and we'll enable it for you.

Click here to check out how to Manually Override prices in your Beyond Pricing Calendar.

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