What are Annual/Seasonal Minimum Stays and Gap Fills, and how do I use them?

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Minimum Night Stays allow you to set the lowest number of nights for a reservation right within Beyond Pricing, both year-round and by dates. Pro tip: use Gap Fills to make sure you're maximizing your revenue!

If you have a direct connection to VRBO you must manage your Minimum Stay Requirements through Beyond Pricing. If you have a direct connection to Airbnb, you can choose whether to manage your Minimum Stays in Beyond Pricing or Airbnb. To see if Minimum Night Stays are available for your integration, check out our information for your PMS.

I require a Minimum Stay. Can I still use Beyond Pricing?

Our pricing model aims to maximize revenue for each day so you'll know you're making the most from each reservation, no matter the length of stay.

For supported integrations, you can set Annual Minimum Stays for your listing directly in your Beyond Pricing Customize Tab. Keep in mind that more restrictions will likely mean fewer qualified reservations. 

Setting Minimum Night Stays by Season or Event

You can set up Minimum Night Stays for certain dates for individual listings in the Calendar or in the Customize Tab. This is helpful if you would like to set a shorter Minimum Night Stay during low season, a longer Minimum Night Stay during a 3-day event or holiday, or a different Minimum Night Stay for weekends versus weekdays, for example.

Taking a look at our listing in Palm Springs, we'd like to adjust our Minimum Night Stay to 2 nights for weekends, but keep the 1 Minimum Night Stay for weekdays for September. We can set that up easily in the Calendar:

Last Minute Minimum Stays

Last Minute Minimum Stays enable you to set a Minimum Stay requirement based on how far away the stay is from the booking date.

For example, taking a look at our listing in Orlando, we have an Annual Minimum Night Stay requirement of 5 nights. As we get closer to the date of stay and we have nights that need to be filled, we are willing to accept bookings of 2 nights. By setting up a Last Minute Minimum Stay of 2 nights for the next 14 days Beyond Pricing will automatically reduce our Minimum Night Stay requirement to 2 nights for the next 2 weeks.
For my listing in Las Vegas, I have an Annual Minimum Night Stay requirement of 2 nights. I live over an hour away and I can't always get to my listing last minute, so I don't like to take bookings for the next day. By setting my Last Minute Minimum Stay to 30 nights for the next 1 day I essentially make my place un-bookable as I rarely have a gap of 30 days in my calendar.
The order in which we apply Minimum Stays for each listing is as follows: Last Minute Minimum Stays > Seasonal Minimum Stays > Annual Minimum Stays. Gap Fills apply to Seasonal and Annual Minimum Stays.

Gap Fills

Gap Fills apply to your Annual Minimum Stay and Seasonal Minimum Stays, and help you receive extra bookings (and increase revenue!) between longer stays. Additional settings, including Orphan Min. Stay and Buffer, offer even more flexibility.

You can set Gap Fills using Bulk Actions, or right in the Customize Tab under the Minimum Stay section for each listing.

Here's a rundown of Gap Fills, Orphan Min. Stay, and the Buffer, and how to use them:

  • Reduce to fill gaps: Enable Gap Fills to set your Minimum Stay to the length of the gap between bookings when that gap is below your Annual Minimum Stay.
  • Orphan Min. Night Stay: This is your Minimum Night Stay floor when Gap Fills are active. For example, if you set this to 2 nights and there is a gap of 1 night, that night will not be bookable.
  • Buffer: This is the number of nights below the length of a gap a guest can book when Gap Fills are active. For example, if the gap is 5 nights and your buffer is set to 2 nights, a guest could book a 3-night stay. If no buffer is set, the guest could only book a 5-night stay.
Note that Gap Fills are only available to you if you manage Minimum Night Stays in Beyond Pricing. Check your integrations page to view all features available to you.

Let's take a look at an example: Beyond Pricing will automatically set the Gap Fill to the number of days between the bookings. For example, if there are two reservations with three nights in between, the minimum stay for that period will be reduced to three nights. You can set Gap Fills up in the Customize Tab for each listing or using Bulk Actions to adjust the setting for many listings at once.

We've set up a two night Minimum Stay for our Palm Springs listing, as well as a few Seasonal Minimum Stays. We'd also like guests to be able to book our place when there are fewer than two nights available between reservations or blocked dates -- no matter the season. Let's enable Gap Fills to make that happen:

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