What can I do to optimize the performance of my listing?

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Adjust your price

First things first, let's check out a few things in Beyond Pricing to ensure that your listing is set up for success from a pricing standpoint.

Your Health Score is the best place to see the performance of your listing with the Base Price you have currently set. It will give you a good indication of whether or not you can optimize your listing by adjusting the price.

Any Health Score above 75 is good and you shouldn't need to make any adjustments in the short term. For listings with a Health Score of below 75 it's probably time for a Base Price adjustment.

Click here to learn more about your Health Score, and here to learn about how to adjust your Base Price.

Adjust your listing

When was the last time you updated your photos or the description of the property on Airbnb? People focus on more than just pricing when choosing a vacation rental. Some things to consider:

  • Title - is your title catchy? Does it include the best feature of your listing eg private pool, great walk score, free onsite parking etc?
  • Photos - how many photos do you have? How professional do they look? Do they make your place look as inviting as possible? Do they highlight the best rooms/features of the place? Do you have a striking first photo that will really make people want to know more about your listing?
  • Description - how detailed is your description? Does it have character and personality? Does it paint a well rounded view of your listing while highlighting the good points?
  • Amenities - do you have all the amenities you offer listed? Are there some that would be easy to add to your home to make it more appealing to guests, such as a coffee machine?
  • Reviews - how many 5 star reviews do you have? The number of reviews is important as lots of 5 star reviews helps build confidence in your listing. Do you have some negative reviews? Post a public response that explains the situation that occurred with that particular guest and the steps you took to address the issue. People understand that there can be hiccups when traveling, they just want to know that you are prepared to come up with a solution if that happens!

Adjust your settings on Airbnb or VRBO

We understand that not all of these may be feasible in your specific situation but here are some suggestions on things that could be adjusted within Airbnb and/or VRBO to make your listing more appealing.

  • Enable Instant Book - this will improve your search rankings in Airbnb. It is also a filter option and you want to make sure your listing shows up in as many searches as possible.
  • Accept same day bookings - last minute reservations may mean more work for you, but they can also mean more money :)
  • Accept one night stays - this will help boost visibility, drive bookings and create more opportunities for guests to leave 5 star reviews.
  • Offer self checkin - guests like the flexibility of being able to come and go as needed.
  • Open your calendar for the next year - since you use Beyond Pricing, your prices will be accurate for the next year, so open up those calendars!
Our friends at Guesty put together a great guide with tips on how to improve the visibility of your listing on Airbnb. Download a copy here.

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