How do I create a Google Map API key?

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Google requires everyone to register an API key and enable billing in order to display a map on websites.

If the google map is displaying an error message "This page can't load Google Maps correctly" it is usually because of an API key related issue.

  • Login to your business gmail account and open up Google APIs to create an API Key.
  • Create a Project and select Continue

  • Assign the API key a custom name - ex: Google API Key for
  • Do not restrict the API key

  • API Services - the following APIs need to be enabled in order for the map to work on the website
    • Maps JavaScript API
    • Geocoding API
  • After completing these steps, the API key will be generated in your dashboard. Click on the copy icon next to the API key to safely copy the key to your clipboard.
  • Send the API Key to the Signal Team for implementation.


  • If you notice this error "Could not connect to Google Maps with this API Key" in the theme options while adding the API key to the Google Services. Please perform the following steps.
  • Google requires you to enable billing for the API key to work
  • If you use the restriction setting on Google try to remove that and check to see if it works
  • Check if GeoCoding is enabled
  • NOTE: If you updated the API key Google says it will take up to 5 min to update the key but in some cases, we have seen that the API key takes much longer to get updated. Please wait for a while before checking for the API key to work after making any changes.
  • Visit the web page with the map on it and right click > inspect element. Click on the Console tab and it will show you the reason the map is not displaying. Example included below - client needs to enable billing.

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