How do I merge a listing?

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If you have both a PMS/Channel Manager and an OTA (e.g. Airbnb, VRBO, connected to your Beyond Pricing account you will have duplicate listings for the same property in your Dashboard.

With the introduction of Relay, Beyond Pricing can now sync pricing, availability, and reservations between your PMS/Channel Manager and other distribution channels. And good news, you can merge those duplicate listings in your Dashboard, which means you only need to make updates once!

To find out more about how Relay works, including the fees, click here.

Please note that the option to sync pricing is available across all currently supported Property Management Systems and Channel Managers. The option to sync pricing and availability is available to Guesty users. The option to sync pricing, availability, and reservations is only available for Escapia users.
Before merging your Airbnb listing, make sure to enable Minimum Stays Management on your Customize Tab.

Merging a listing

  1. Click on the "Relay" button on the lefthand side of your Beyond Pricing Dashboard.
  2. Switch the view from the "Merged Listings" to the "Unmerged Listings":
  3. If we've found a match, the listing pair will have a merge suggestion. Simply check the filter "Has suggestions", review the listing match, and click "merge":
  1. For listings without suggestions, select the listings you wish to merge and click "Merge Selected" > "Merge".
  1. Here, you can also add a new channel listing to an existing merged listing:
    1. Select the new listing in the unmerged listing dashboard
    2. Click "Add to existing"
    3. Find the merged listings match
    4. Click "Apply" and then "Merge"

After merging listings, they will live in the Relay's merged listings dashboard.

How to enable Pricing, Availability, and Reservation syncing

Once you have merged listings, you’ll be able to select the sync status and add Markups for those merged listings in the Merged Listings Dashboard view. From this view, you can choose to enable the option for Pricing, Availability, and Reservation syncing depending on what is currently supported for your PMS/Channel Manager.

Relay Pricing is available across all currently supported Property Management Systems and Channel Managers. Relay Availability and Reservations are only supported for a limited amount of PMS.

Price syncing will automatically be enabled for merged listings. In order to enable Availability and Reservation syncing for a property after it is merged, select the property, click "Edit Settings", select the options you want to enable, and click "Apply".

You can easily see which options are enabled for a property in the Relay Dashboard by looking at the Pricing, Availability, and Reservation icons. If the icon is grayed out, that sync is not currently active for your account. In this example, only Pricing Sync is enabled.

Unmerging a Listing

Unmerge your listings is now really simple:

  1. head to your Relay Dashboard and select the listing you want to unmerge
  2. Click on the Unmerge button
  3. Review the information and click " Unmerge"

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