Are cleaning fees, extra guest fees, and booking fees included in price recommendations?

Updated 2 months ago by Taylor McManus

Our price recommendations are for your nightly rate. For cleaning and extra guests, our general guidelines are:

Cleaning fee -  Charge what it costs you. This way, even if you receive a one-night booking at a low rate, you'll still be sure to cover your costs. It's also the fair thing to do.

Extra guests - This is also up to you. Generally, you don't want to charge an extra guest fee for fewer guests than 2 times the number of beds. For instance, if you have a two bedroom with two beds, the first four guests would be free. Again, it's entirely up to you and we simply respond to whatever you've decided.

Beyond Pricing adjusts for these by looking at how quickly your listing books up. For example: let's say you and a neighbor both have great one-bedroom apartments available for $200 per night. If your cleaning fee is $200 and theirs is $50, you'll probably get fewer bookings than your neighbor. If you get too few bookings, your booking percentage will be too low, your Health Score will go down, and you'll know it's time to lower your Base Price to, say, $150 per night.

We recommend that you look at other listings in your area to see what the average cleaning and guest fees are so you won't have to make up for it with a lower room rate. 

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