What do all of the different colors on my calendar mean?

Updated 2 months ago by Beyond Pricing

The colors on the calendar indicate how high or low your prices are relative to your Base Price. This is meant to make it easy for you to visualize where significant increases or decreases are happening.

The lighter the shade of blue, the more we are decreasing your price.  The darker the shade of blue, the more we are increasing the price.  Red denotes that you've implemented a manual override and our pricing is not affecting those dates.

In the example below, you can see that the first few days of October are your standard blue color because we are only slightly deviating from the base price. As we approach the weekend the price is increasing 20% or more so the shade of blue darkens. In this case, the user has manually overridden the Third weekend in October so the rates are showing up in red.

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