How can I view my dashboard as a list?

Updated 2 months ago by Taylor McManus

Instead of using the traditional dashboard view, you can also view your listings in an easy to use "Table View."

The Table View in your Beyond Pricing dashboard is an alternative view for Beyond Pricing power users.  Besides the ability to maximize valuable screen-space, the Table View also enables you to:

  • See your base prices straight from your dashboard
  • Change and update base prices in one-click
  • See Base Price History

In order to use the List View simply click on the grey box in the middle of the screen.

After clicking on List View your dashboard will change and you can easily adjust the base price, view the health scores, and turn syncing on/off. 

You can also review your old base prices by hovering your mouse over the clock face. This will show you the history of your base prices since you started syncing with Beyond Pricing.

If you would like to revert back to the default view simply click on the grey boxes in the middle of the screen.

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