What Is the Difference Between My Base Price on Beyond Pricing and My Base Price on Airbnb?

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Great questions!

Despite sharing the same name, your Base Price on Beyond Pricing is completely unrelated to your Base Price on Airbnb.

Airbnb's Base Price is a relic of when people used to only have a single price for all nights on Airbnb.  You would simply set your Base Price and all your prices for all days would be the same, by default.

Today, your Base Price on Airbnb is used for 2 main purposes:

  1. Your Base Price on Airbnb becomes your default price for any days you might make available before you update them with your own prices (or Beyond Pricing's prices)
  2. You Base Price on Airbnb is also the price that currently shows up when someone looks at your listing with no dates entered.  Most travelers search with dates in mind, so it's rare that others besides you are looking at your listing without dates. 

So what should you set your Base Price on Airbnb to?

Most hosts have different strategies.  Some hosts pick a Base Price on Airbnb that's very high, because they want to make sure that if they open up a date on Airbnb that it doesn't get set to a low Base Price before they have a chance to update the rate.  Others pick a Base Price that's the lowest they ever offer their place for because they want to attract guests searching without dates.  However, some people worry that this is deceptive because once the guest enters dates, it will likely be higher than your very low Airbnb Base Price.  For this reason, others pick an Airbnb Base Price that's around the average amount their place goes to (or equal to their Beyond Pricing Base Price).

In short, it's completely up to you what Base Price to set on Airbnb.  It's not tied at all to Beyond Pricing.

On Beyond Pricing, you can learn about how to set your Base Price here:    Setting the Correct Base Price for Your Listing

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