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Connecting your account

Log into Beyond Pricing and click on the "Link Another Account" button and you will see the option to link Enter your credentials, click Link Account and we will start importing your listings.

You will now be guided through setting up your listings for the first time -- setting your Base Price, Minimum Price, and any Customization you would like to include.

We recommend reviewing these resources to ensure you're setting yourself up for success:

If you have duplicate listings connected to Beyond Pricing, we recommend using the same settings for the same listings across channels.

Managing Availability

Note that for your listings, unlike Airbnb and VRBO listings, we’ll manage availability as well as pricing. Upon connecting your account, make sure to update your availability for each listing in your Beyond Pricing calendar before syncing prices.

To unblock or block days for your listing, simply select the desired dates on your Beyond Pricing calendar and set them to “Available” or “Unavailable”, like this: 

Managing your availability across accounts using iCal

If you have your property listed on as well as Airbnb and/or VRBO you can use iCal to ensure avaibility reamins consistent across the channels.

Simply head to the Customize Tab for your listing on within Beyond Pricing and click on "Sync Calendars".

Under the Export section click on the "Copy to clipboard" button and then paste this information into your account on the other channels. For more information on where to add this link, check out these articles from Airbnb and VRBO help centers.

Customization in Beyond Pricing

With, you will have access to adjust Minimum and Maximum PricesMinimum Stays and Gap Fillers, Check in and Checkout days, Changeover Days and Last Minute Discounts directly in Beyond Pricing.

See article What can I do in the Customization Tab? for a broad overview.

Adding a new listing

New listings and other changes made in will show up automatically when we refresh your account every 15 minutes. To have a new listing or any other changes in show up immediately, simply refresh your account in your Connected Accounts tab like this:

Click here to learn more about when we refresh your account and why.


Multiple rooms in one listing

If you have multiple rooms in one listing, only one will appear in Beyond Pricing. This is a Unit Type in that we don't currently support.

Can't save availability

If this happens, you might get a red box saying "unauthorized". If this happens, you will need to refresh your account.

Please reach out to if you are experiencing any other issues. Our Support Team is always happy to answer your questions and help ensure your account is running smoothly.

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