Zeevou and Beyond Pricing

Updated 3 months ago by Taylor McManus

In order to connect your Zeevou account you will first need to email our support team support@beyondpricing.com.

Let us know that you would like to connect your Zeevou account and we will enable it for you!

You will need your Zeevou Username and API Key to connect. Your Username is the email address you use to log into Zeevou. To find your API Key, head to your Zeevou Account and click on the downward arrow next to your name on the top right, then select My User.

You can generate an API Key on this page. Generate one and copy it.

Head back to your Beyond Pricing Account and enter your Zeevou Username and paste the API Key and click "Link Account".

That's it! This will connect your Zeevou Account with Beyond Pricing and start to pull all of your listings into the Dashboard.

If you are already connected directly to Airbnb and/or HomeAway/VRBO you will want to deactivate any Beyond Pricing listings connected to those channels if Zeevou is pushing prices to those channels. Please see our other guide for transitioning from a direct connection to Zeevou.

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