What is my Health Score and what does it tell me about my listing?

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Your Health Score should be used to analyze your listing’s performance at the Base Price you currently have set. Here’s the best strategy to utilize your Health Score to determine whether or not you need to adjust your Base Price.

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Check your dashboard once a week.

This practice will keep you aware of your listing's performance and help you determine if you are at a healthy booking rate. 

Note: If you are new to Airbnb, make sure to take a look at the New User section below.

Where does your Health Score fall on this spectrum?

If your Health Score is under 60, we need to make some changes. If it is between 60-80, there is room for improvement, but no need to panic. If your Health Score is between 80-100, you are performing well and do not need to make any changes.

Is your Health Score too low?

If your Health Score is low, check to see if you are under-booked or over-booked by referencing the two performance metrics (booking % in the next 30 days and booking % in the next 90 days) in the dashboard.

Are you under-booked?

If you are under-booked like this example, consider lowering your Base Price to increase bookings. 

Or are you overbooked?

If you are over-booked like this example, consider raising your Base Price because you are not optimizing your listing’s potential revenue. 

Repeat this process weekly.

Repeating this process about once a week will enable you to maximize your listing’s performance and booking revenue based on your own analysis using this Health Score feedback system!

Mixed performance signals

If your Booking Pacing compared to the ideal booking pacing in your market is "Too High" for 30 days out and "Just Right" or "Too Low" for 90 days out, and vice-versa, the best next steps for your Base Price depend on other factors we can observe. Here are a few questions we like to ask:

  • ​Did you recently change your Base Price?
    • If so, how do you think this change has impacted your Booking Pacing?
For example, if you recently raised your Base Price too much, you might be overbooked in the next 30 days and under-booked in the next 90 days. In this case, we recommend decreasing your Base Price to find a happy medium.
  • Do you have a long-term booking or blocked dates that are affecting your Booking Pacing?
    • If so, it's likely you will want to keep your Base Price around the same.
    Note that if you have a long term booking or blocked dates taking up space in your calendar, it is likely you won't see as many bookings coming in each week -- these dates are taken!
  • Were most of your recent bookings booked with Last Minute Discounts active?
    • If so, it might be time to lower your Base Price to capture more bookings, regularly.

Things to watch out for that affect my health score / booking pace

  • Blocked dates
  • Changing base price recently
  • Seasonality
  • longer term bookings

How are blocked dates counted in my 30 and 90 day booking percentages?

Hosts have told us that they often use blocked dates to indicate reservations from other channels, so we do count blocked dates as ‘booked’ for the purpose of the booking percentage calculations and the Health Score. 

The only exception to this is if you have a large period of blocked days at the start of your calendar, before any available or booked days. In this case, we won’t count blocked days as ‘booked’. We will then calculate your booking percentage from the first day of availability. Keep in mind this might be a month or two in the future.

But don't worry! Either way, the booking percentages and Health Score do not affect our algorithm or your prices. They’re just guidelines to inform you whether you are booking up too fast or too slow so you can adjust your Base Price.

Hosts have told us that they often use blocked dates to indicate reservations from other channels. This does not influence the algorithm, but is something to be aware of while evaluating your listing's performance and whether or not to change your Base Price.

Are you a new host?

If you don't yet have any bookings yet, don't fret. As bookings come in, your Health Score will increase, and you'll be able to follow the process dictated above after a few weeks. Your Health Score does not affect our recommended prices and is just a guideline on what to do with your Base Price. As a new host, we recommend a slightly lower nightly rate than what you planned to charge until you've received a couple of bookings and positive reviews. The first couple of reviews will help your discoverability on Airbnb and increase your booking inquiries.

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