How can I set a seasonal minimum price for a specific period of time?

Updated 2 months ago by Sergey Mann

If you want to make sure your prices don't go below a certain amount during a specific period (e.g. holidays or high season) you can do that by setting a seasonal minimum price. 

Seasonal minimums can also be used in low season to set a minimum lower than your global minimum. For example, you can set a minimum price of $100 for the entire year but $75 specifically for your low season.

Note: the seasonal minimum will always override what you've entered into the global Min Price on the calendar view.  The only way to go below a seasonal minimum is if you manually override a particular day.

Open the Customize tab.

  1. Under "Seasonal Minimum Price" click on "Set minimum prices for specific seasons"

  2. In the boxes that appear, enter the desired date period and minimum price amount.

  3. Click on the save button.

  4. Prices on your calendar will now never go below your seasonal minimum amount for the set period of time.

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