How do I set a minimum stay on my HomeAway/VRBO?

Updated 2 months ago by Sergey Mann

Unlike Airbnb, for HomeAway and VRBO you will need to set your minimum stays directly in Beyond Pricing because the minimum stays are directly tied to your rate.

To do this you will go to the Customize tab of your account and find the section for Minimum Stays.

From here you can set a Default Minimum Stay which will apply to all reservations on your calendar or you can set a Seasonal Minimum Stay which will only apply to reservation within a certain date range.

Be sure to hit the green "Save" button after inputting your Minimum Stays.

One important note: HomeAway/VRBO separates the calendar into 52 seasons of 7 days. For this reason, we are only able to push one minimum stay setting per every HomeAway/VRBO defined 7-day season. Within that season our system will default to the minimum stay with the higher minimum requirement.

For example: if you were to set a 4-night minimum stay from Monday - Thursday of a week, while also setting a 3-day minimum stay for Friday - Sunday of the same week, then our system will default to a minimum stay of 4 nights for the entire week. The 3-day minimum night stay will not go into effect.

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