BookingSync and Beyond Pricing

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Connecting BookingSync

Here’s how to get started:

1) Login to your Beyond Pricing account or create a new account.

2) Once you’re logged in to Beyond Pricing, link your BookingSync account by clicking "Link Account" or going directly here (if you don’t see the BookingSync icon when connecting, contact Beyond Pricing support at and they will help you get setup).

3) Your BookingSync listings will all import and you can review your recommend prices, adjust your Base Price, and if everything looks good, turn the Sync button to "On" and prices will update on BookingSync within 30 minutes.

Setting Minimum Stays

You will have to set minimum stays directly on Beyond Pricing and those will sync to BookingSync. Simply go the "Customize" tab on your Beyond Pricing calendar for a given listing. You can set a default minimum stay that applies to all dates. You can also set specific minimum stays for different dates. Your default minimum stay will apply to any dates that you don’t have a custom minimum stay for.

Using Rate Rules

Yes, though in general, we recommend limiting use of additional rate rules to make things simpler. The rate rules will simply apply on top of the daily rates you’ve set on Beyond Pricing. For instance, you can create a rule to increase weekends by an additional 10% if you like. Let’s say that Beyond Pricing is pushing an average weekday rate of $90 and a weekend rate of $100. If you set a rate rule to increase weekends by 10%, that will apply on top of the already increased $100 Beyond Pricing rate. In that example, your weekends would now be $110 (10% above the Beyond Pricing rate).

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