How do I set up weekly or monthly discounts with Beyond Pricing?

Updated 2 months ago by Sergey Mann

In general, Beyond Pricing will optimize your rates so you should not need to use further discounting in order to increase your occupancy. If you would rather apply a weekly or monthly discount to your listing please refer to the below explanations on how to accomplish this. 


If you want to enable weekly and/or monthly discounts on Airbnb that’s completely fine. Simply input your weekly discount settings on Airbnb's website. Airbnb will apply these discounts on top of any nightly rates that we push to it. 

Ex. if a guest books a weeklong reservation at $100/night with a 10% week-long discount. The final reservation amount will be $630.

While we generally don’t recommend offering discounts for longer stays, we recognize that you may have many reasons for doing so, including peace of mind.  If you want to enable these discounts, we recommend setting your discount equal to 100% minus your occupancy rate for the monthly discount. For example, if your average monthly occupancy rate is 60%, then we recommend setting your monthly discount rate to 40%. That way, you’re not leaving any money on the table.


At this time we do not support weekly or monthly discounts for HomeAway/VRBO, although we do intend to support this feature in the future. 

For now, you can let potential guests know you are willing to offer a discount for a longer stay via direct messaging.  

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