How do you handle cancelled reservations?

Updated 1 month ago by Sergey Mann

If a cancellation occurs (whether cancelled by yourself or a booked guest), our system will automatically pick it up and credit your account back for it. The credit will appear as a separate line item on the Statements page.

Note: depending on when the cancellation occurs, the credit may appear on an upcoming Beyond Pricing statement, rather than the same one as the reservation.
For example: you receive a booking for $200 on January 5th that is then cancelled on January 10th. Your billing date is January 7th. You will be billed $2 for this booking on January 7th (on your December 7 – January 7 statement). The cancellation will then be picked up on January 10th, and you will be credited back $2 on the upcoming statement (January 7 – February 7).

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