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This article will walk you through all things billing related.

How does the trial work?

We offer everyone an initial 30-day free trial. A credit card is not required in order to sign up. All of the bookings made during your trial period are free. We do not charge for any bookings on your calendar prior to using Beyond Pricing.

You can sign up and connect your accounts by following this link:  Sign Up

For example: if you sign up on June 1st any bookings made through June 30th will not be charged a fee.

 How much does Beyond Pricing cost after the trial?

After your free trial is over Beyond Pricing will charge 1% of all bookings for direct integrations to Airbnb & HomeAway/VRBO (1.25% monthly and 1.1% annually for Property Managment System integrations). This percentage includes any fees you might charge but generally excludes taxes (there are a few municipalities where this is included). More info can be found on our pricing page.

Using the above example: any bookings made in the month of July would be charged the fee.

How do I pay for Beyond Pricing?

You will need to provide a credit or debit card after your first month of Beyond Pricing in order to continue using our prices. If you would like to use a PayPal account please see our related article:  PayPal

You can enter your billing information on this page of your account: Billing

For a more detailed walkthrough follow this link:  How to add my card

When will you charge me?

Your first charge will occur after your second month using Beyond Pricing. We will charge your account every month on your designated billing period date. All statements can be audited by visiting the statements page of your account: Statements

For example: let's say you booked $4,300 worth of reservations in a given month's billing period. Beyond Pricing will bill you $43 at the end of that billing period. The billing period will be based on when you start your trial with Beyond Pricing.

Which reservations will you charge me for?

It's important to note that Beyond Pricing will charge you based on when the reservation is booked as opposed to the stay date. This is different than how Airbnb & HomeAway/VRBO will charge you. Beyond Pricing will not charge you for any dates that are blocked on the calendar. You can see this by visiting the statements page of your account:  Statements

For example: if a reservation is booked today for a stay date several months into future, Beyond Pricing will charge you in this month's billing period. If the reservation were to cancel we will credit the current billing statement if you are still using Beyond Pricing or refund the card on file if you are not. We will not charge you again once the reservation takes place.

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