I’m getting a pop-up requiring Airbnb two-factor authentication. What should I do to connect my Beyond Pricing account?

Updated 2 months ago by Sergey Mann

Airbnb two-factor authentication is designed to protect your Airbnb account. Don’t worry – you can still connect it very easily to Beyond Pricing though!

To do so, simply click ‘link account’ on Beyond Pricing, select the Airbnb logo, enter your Airbnb credentials, and hit the ‘click here to verify in a new window’ button. You will now be taken to Airbnb in a new tab. Enter your Airbnb credentials and then choose a method to verify your account (text message, phone call, or email). Enter the code you received and click ‘Next’. At this point you will see a screen saying that your verification has been completed. Go back to the initial Beyond Pricing tab, enter your Airbnb credentials, and press ‘Link Account’. Your account should now be linked!

The below video shows what the process usually looks like:

Note: it's possible that it might take a couple tries of clicking 'link account' on Beyond Pricing, completing a different step on Airbnb, clicking back to Beyond Pricing, and clicking 'link account' before it works.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is something that Airbnb requires and we have no control over.

If you’re still having issues though, feel free to reach out to us at support@beyondpricing.com and we would be happy to assist you.

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