SuperControl and Beyond Pricing

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To connect your SuperControl account with Beyond Pricing please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your SuperControl Account and copy your Client Key. You can find your Client Key by going here and searching for "Your key".
  2. Please click to “Enable” next to all properties to complete the connection. Once you are connected to Beyond Pricing you can decide which of these properties to sync prices for, but they must all be enabled to complete the connection. 
Please note that any time you need/want to enable new properties you need to revisit this page and enable the specific property link.
  1. Email with your Client Key and ask us to connect your SuperControl account.

That's it! Once your SuperControl account is connected with Beyond Pricing we will pull all of your listing informtion into your Dashboard.

If you are already connected directly to Airbnb and/or HomeAway/VRBO you will want to deactivate any Beyond Pricing listings connected to those channels if SuperControl is pushing prices to those channels. Please see our other guide for transitioning from a direct connection to SuperControl.

Please note that you will still need to manage your Minimum/Maximum Stay and Checkin/Checkout Days in SuperControl. 

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