How do I transition from connecting directly to Airbnb/HomeAway to connecting to a PMS system?

Updated 2 months ago by Taylor McManus

This guide will explain what to do once you've started using a PMS system and want to start syncing prices to it. Instead of syncing directly to channels (Airbnb/HomeAway) we will connect directly to your PMS system which will then push our pricing out to those channels. This will also allow you to push pricing to channels we are not yet directly connected to (TripAdvisor/

The first thing you will want to do is connect your PMS system to Beyond Pricing. If you haven't done so please reach out to to enable the option for your account. If you're already connected then move on to the next step.

With your PMS system connected you will notice that you now have duplicate listings in your account. For example, the same listing will show as connected to your Airbnb/HomeAway account and connected to your PMS account. So in effect, each listing will be displayed more than once.

We don't need to be connected to more than one listing in Beyond Pricing if your PMS is set up to push prices to the respective channel that listing is on (Airbnb/HomeAway). 

So the next step is to copy over the base price, min price, and any settings in the Customize tab from your Airbnb/HomeAway listing(s) to your PMS listing. 

The easiest way to do this is to find the matching listings on your dashboard and open each one in a new tab. Copy the information over one by one.

Once you've copied over all of the settings from your Airbnb/HomeAway listing into you PMS listings you can turn off syncing on the Airbnb/HomeAway listings. Then be sure to turn syncing on for the PMS listings.

We recommend doing this one at a time so that you can keep track of which listings still need their information copied over.

The last step is to go into the accounts page and delete the existing Airbnb/HomeAway accounts. At the end you should only have the PMS account connected. 

Be sure you have no more additional accounts settings to copy over before completing this step. You will lose all customized information once you delete the account.

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