How do I transition from connecting directly via Airbnb, VRBO and to connecting via a PMS?

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This guide will explain what to do once you've started using a PMS system and want to start syncing prices to it. Instead of syncing directly to Airbnb, VRBO and, we will connect directly to your PMS system which will then push our pricing out to those channels. This will also allow you to push pricing to channels we are not yet directly connected to.

Please note that this does not apply to a connection with Your Porter. If you use Your Porter you will need to connect your Airbnb account to Beyond Pricing.

Here's a step-by-step guide of how to successfully move from Airbnb, VRBO and TO A PMS:

  1. Connect your PMS to Beyond Pricing
    Reach out to with your login email to Beyond Pricing and let us know which PMS you will be using moving forward. We will enable the connection for you, and send instructions that pertain directly to your new connection.
  2. Remove duplicate listings from Beyond Pricing
    With your PMS system connected, notice that you now have duplicate listings in your account. For example, the same listing will show as connected through your Airbnb account and connected through your PMS account:
    1. We should not be connected to more than one listing in Beyond Pricing if your PMS is set up to push prices to the respective channel. Let's make sure this is done correctly:
      1. Turn off syncing for your duplicate Airbnb, VRBO and listings, and turn syncing on for these listings connected via your PMS.
      Click here to learn more about how to turn syncing on and off.
      1. Copy over preferred Base Price, Minimum Price, and any settings in the Customize tab from your Airbnb, VRBO or listing to the respective PMS listing.
      2. Disconnect your Airbnb, VRBO and accounts in your Accounts Tab.
      Note that if you have listings connected to Beyond Pricing account via Airbnb ,VRBO or that are not connected through your PMS, you will want to keep your Airbnb, VRBO and accounts connected. Just make sure to turn syncing off for listings connected through both your PMS and Airbnb, VRBO and

You're all set! As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions about this process.

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