Streamline and Beyond Pricing

Updated 3 months ago by Taylor McManus

In order to connect your Streamline account, you will first need to email our support team

Let them know that you would like to connect your Streamline account and they will enable it for you.

You will need to contact Streamline and have them generate an API token and secret for Beyond Pricing.

Once you have your token and secret you can log into Beyond Pricing and click on the "Link Another Account" button (shown below) or you can follow this link.

Then simply enter your information to link your account. Once linked you will want to set your base prices and turn syncing on.

In order for the integration to work, you will need to let Streamline know that you are using Beyond Pricing. You will also want to turn off any weekly or monthly pricing you may have set up, as these will override our rates.

If you are already connected directly to Airbnb and/or HomeAway/VRBO you will want to deactivate any Beyond Pricing listings connected to those channels if Streamline is pushing prices to those channels.

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